The Association's History:

MOTB CheckOur club was born at the Millennium concert in Los Angeles. Our founders Paul and Tom, both from Milwaukee, ran into each other there, got to talking and decided Milwaukee needed a Buffett fan club. After some research they found PHiP and the rest is history!

What They Do:

We hold several charity events each year, participating in walks, non-profit volunteering, food drives and others. Our largest fundraiser and party is our annual Winter Luau, held the 1st or 2nd Saturday of December since 2004. We hire a trop-rock band, put out a buffet dinner and hold auctions, raffles and sales to raise money for Milwaukee Children’s Hospital. Attendees bring toys for the Fox Company Marines Toys for Tots drive. This year we collected $3,000 worth of toys and donated $2,400 to Children’s Hospital!


Thank You MOTB Our very first charity event took place the year we were founded and was the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, so that one still holds a special place in our hearts. Over the years we have donated nearly $100,000 to the American Cancer Society, over $20,000 to the Milwaukee Children’s Hospital, a terrific organization that many of our members have needed over the years, and around $30,000 worth of toys to the Toys for Tots program.

Duct Tape What makes us great? Just like every other club – the people. Parrotheads around the world are some of the most generous, giving people ever and our club is no different. And, the music! Even though we are a smaller club, our members have hosted some of the best Trop-Rock Musicians, including: Brent Burns, Kelly McGuire, Boat Drunks, Banana Wind, Pirates over 40, Paul Roush, Don Middlebrook, PHINS, 12 Volt Band, Caribbean Eclipse, Johnny Russler & Beach Bum Band, Matt Wahl, Hugo Duarte, Mark Mulligan, Aaron Scherz, John Frinzi, Jim Hoehn, Kevin Mulvenna, Sunny Jim, Jack Mosley, Howard Livingston, Jerry Gontang, Mike Broward, John Reno, Jerry Diaz, Nadirah Shakoor, John Patti, and . . . What’s his name? Bob Karwin.

Learn more about us:

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