Golden Coconut Winner - 2010

A Whale of a Tale

The Galveston Bay Parrot Head Club

The Amazing and Rollicking Adventures of Phlocker Phlight # 3

Our spirited and dedicated phlock decided to embark on our annual quest by charting a phantastic phun philled phlight of phancy.

We set our course, logged our phlight plan, whipped up our boat drinks, stowed our blenders and salt and revved up our engines phor the magical mystery phun tour.

All along the route the phlock would guard our sixes and obey our rules of phlight by implementing our tried and true plan: “Party with a Purpose”.  (Do you all know how hard it is to watch your sixes when it’s always 5 o’clock…and you’re partying?)

On a crystal clear starlit All Hallows Eve at exactly 0500 hours we were cleared phor take-off. Accompanied by our trusty navigator Desdemona, various vampires, mummies and the Holy Ghost, our Captain and crew soared phrom our nest, enjoining our quest.

With each passing day we gained altitude and speed in large part due to our new virgin phlockers (the ones with white leis) who we recruited at each and every stop along the way introducing them to cheeseburgers, boat drinks, grapefruit and juicy phruit and the lyrics to all of JB’s tunes.

Our quest and destination I’m sure you’ve already surmised:               To claim that one and only prestigious “party with a purpose” reward, that gleaming Golden Coconut at that destination we have in our sights ‘cause we know that it, and our whole world, lies waiting behind door # 3.

To follow our adventures and assist in your task our Captain has submitted his log for your review… Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed reliving it all with you!

Phins up,

The phlockers of phlight # 3

Captain’s Log

Entry I:  All Hallows Eve, a perfect beginning. I could still hear the strains of the trop rock ditties as the Pleiades lighted our way. The boarding of Coastal Dancer was a sight to behold as costumed pirates, parrots, those mummies and vampires, and 2 rather odd giant killer bees phormed a Conga Line to search phor their seats.

Entry II:  Once rested phrom the phirst short hop aloft, the Vampire’s hosted a “phill the blood bank” blood drive serving cookies, chili, “Bloody” Mary’s and they administered jello “shots” to all who survived! These guys are the best blood suckers in town as more than 80 of the phaithful showed up and rolled up their sleeves accompanied by some local trop rockers who played phrom morning ‘til well past noon! This phlock of pirates turned 40 pints over to the bank, a record I am told!

Entry III:  Jimmy’s Birthday Celebration: a Christmas phor the kids. The SOS message was radioed over the coconut telegraph that our help was needed. There were 36 children in phoster care whose Santa’s were just too strapped providing essentials phor them to phill their Christmas lists. Our tropical angels collected their lists; each with three of their most-wanted gifts. Working magic and miracles our angels excelled. There were so many gifts that each child got at least two phrom their most-wanted list. There were bikes, IPods and digital cameras, oh my. We had two phull boxes stuffed with miscellaneous toys and an official basketball goal to entertain them at the children’s center. Our elves helped the angels to wrap them all up and on the day phor delivery we certainly were thankful that God didn’t own a car but a great big ole truck. The toys were valued at $3800 but priceless to us, our grateful kids and their selfless phoster parents.      

Entry IV:  Whilst still in the spirit of Christmas the gypsies in the cockpit heard about our neighboring community’s Christmas parade. Never being ones to miss a good time  in a community event they put those variegated parrot heads together to design, decorate and enter our phlock in the phestivities. It was colder than a Landshark  in an ice bucket when they rolled down that route in their smoking Christmas Polar Express creation! That talented crew not only brought home a phirst place trophy but entertained the cheering crowds along the way with live trop rock music phrom Santa’s sleigh!

Entry V: Barely back in the air again another SOS came through the line. We heard about the tragedy in Haiti. Knowing a great deal about phlip-phlops, having blown out a phew, we were the driving phorce  behind Soles phor Souls delivering over 9,000 pair, of which, our phlock collected over 700 pair valued at $2,684.

Captain’s Log

Entry VI:  Laissez le Bon Temps Rouler. Its Mardi Gras and our phlock of “Cajuns phor the Day” partnered with a wild and zany carnival krewe and strutted their stuff in another community parade. Beads, brews and breezy tropical tunes carried us all through the day!

Entry VII:  Not only do we party with a purpose we also party with our sister phlockers so we can party phor their purposes too! The phlight crew phormed 3 teams to answer a throw-down challenge to play phor gumbo cook-off prizes at a nearby club event.   Our pheathers were phlappin’ and our toes tappin’ as we walked away with the team spirit award, a 1st place in the chicken and sausage gumbo category and a 2nd place phor seafood gumbo, assuring us the throw-down title!­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Entry VIII:  Hot, Hot, Hot! The crew in the galley planned a big rally in search of some new chili recipes. After such a long trip we all needed a change phrom the same old concoctions and we needed some options! They sampled all kinds of chili one with buffalo meat and a coconut chicken one too!  The new rum category was a hit with all the pirates in the crew…mighty tasty arrrrrr! The talented and colorful chefs, some who were here phrom a sister club phor another throw-down, were entertained while they cooked. Local musicians serenaded us all phor phree. It was a most incredible day in the sun and the neighborhood pholks were intrigued by the music and the showmanship and wandered on in phor the phun!  When they heard all proceeds would benefit our local animal shelter they were more generous than you can imagine. Our donations grew phrom $600.00 last year to over $4000.00 with 330 volunteer hours this year and lots of phood, kennels and toys collected too. Alas, we won that throw down hands down, Sister Club wine-ing “just you wait till next year”!!! ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Entry IX:  Thirty crew members went AWOL to help a local community, who was hosting a Pan Drum music event phor an animal shelter they love. This group volunteered to pick up the trash, work (?) the beer booth and register the guests. They were phorgiven when we heard about the new members they picked up to!

Entry X:  Extreme Home Makeover came to our area to help a wonderful and deserving phamily in need. On short notice we phlew in to collect money and some energy bars, drinks and snacks to fuel the volunteers, total was over $400.00. Several of the crew donated their time and talent; one of our locals as well as members of a Trop Rock Band were all on-hand to entertain with their usual Island phlair.

Captain’s Log

Entry XI:  We had to jettison some ballast and limit the baggage as we’ve topped 100 new members in the phirst 6 months of this year. The crew sets up a membership table at all events and hosts 3 “welcome to the nest” phlockings each year. We invite all new members out to paradise lost and phound and we pheed them cheeseburgers with lettuce and tomatoes, Heinz 57 and phrench phried potatoes, big kosher pickle and a cold draught beer, just to teach them good God almighty which way to steer. Then the Board members and committee chairs share all the opportunities available  to party with a purpose and the really important stuff about  how to phind the damn salt and how to tell which woman to blame!

Entry XII:  We collect all the beer tabs in the galley phor charity! This year our charity is very close to home; we have a phriend who has a precious 5 year old little boy that has brain cancer. We have been collecting them to help pay off his hospital bill. We obviously drink a lot as we have collected over 100 pounds of tabs (do you know how many it takes to make just 1 pound?). We have also donated cash in excess of $400.00. This year we also made a cash donation of $500 to another great phriend who is a very talented trop rock musician who has had a long and difficult battle with cancer.

We also collect wine corks phor cancer research, we have partnered with a large liquor store in this effort. To date we have collected over 1000 corks.

We’ve collected 165 cell phones phor battered women.

We published a Cookbook this year of the best island recipes and drink concoctions, we invited all clubs to join in, and we received recipes phrom as phar away as the Australia club. The sales of this book are being divided between several charities. Estimate profit phrom books to be over $4000.00 and we are half way there. The publishing company liked the book so much they have entered it in the top cookbook contest and if we win it will be $5000.00 more!!!!!!

Entry XIII:  Our 13th and last stop before reaching door # 3. We touched down at a historic and beautiful harbor phor our 13th annual bid event benefitting Shriner’s burn hospitals. It was a sold out event!! We had over 17 sister clubs come in to party with us, they decorated balconies and dressed in pirate garb to see who could win a parrot head prize.  The Mayor of the City proudly proclaimed that the 4th weekend in July would phorever be known as Parrot Head Weekend and our home sweet home. With our treasure chest of sprits, huge silent auction, airline ticket raffle and Chinese auction there too we raised over $14000.00 to help provide quality care phor burn victims. This is an increase of $10,000.00 phrom last year. We collected 5 large bags of toy’s to deliver to the children in the hospital as well.