Golden Coconut Winner - 2008

Panama City Parrot Head Club

The Gypsies in the Palace have made “Another Trip around the Sun” and believe our club has what it takes to qualify for the “GOLDEN COCONUT AWARD.” Our sincere hope is that after you read what we have done … with the help of “SNAKE” and his crew while “Bubba” is off singing!! … I believe you may agree with us.

In our 5 short years as a charter Parrot Head Club we have raised over $36,000.00. Our man hours are near 900 hrs. per year ... and growing. This year we hope to break records as we learn how to find new opportunities in our small community.

In keeping with community involvement, we endeavor to keep our county a bit cleaner. Participating in “Coastal Clean-up,” Having Raft ups at a local island and cleaning the beaches of garbage while grilling a “Cheeseburger in Paradise”….Adopt a Hway… 2 miles of major highway….River /Creek clean-up….Paddling and “Pickin” trash the whole run.

We found a beautiful opportunity to help the elderly in our local area by raising money for the “COUNCIL ON AGING”. They do Meals on Wheels…..have Respite Center for Alzheimer’s clients and have many programs for Seniors. We found that our state Treasury has matching funds for money they get on their own……at a rate of 9 to 1. So OUR $601.00 was worth $6,010.00 to them at the end of the year. They were thrilled we had chosen them to become a regular annual charity for our club.

Of special interest to our club are “AT RISK” kids in our community. We participate annually in a local telethon that raises 10’s of thousands of dollars for a special marine school for these kids. A team of Parrot Heads get all dressed in our finest PHeathers and man the phones on “live” TV for this event. We have several club members actually donate items to this all day event for the auction.

Local “Children’s Home Society” needed furniture for their media/family room. We were able to raise and donate enough money for the “Kids” to pick out their Denim Sectional for this room. At our Christmas Party we sold a special “Parrot Head Christmas Tree” at Silent Auction for enough money to fund their Christmas needs as well……The “TREE” had been created for another charity auction benefiting our Rescue Mission along with dozens of others by clubs and businesses. Our tree brought in the most money for this event…. It was purchased by a club member and then donated to the club for our sale/charity. It was decorated by 8 of our members with parrots and tropical ornaments….even a :”LOST SHAKER OF SALT” OR 2… was found on the tree along with margarita glasses…surfin” Santas and more. Truly a GIFT that kept giving!

Another rewarding fund raiser brought $1,200.00 for a group that serves the needs of adults with brain injury that have special needs and help get them back to work and living in the community. Several of the clients joined us that night , helping to sell ticket for their cause as well. It was incredible. Their funds have been severely cut by the state and their need is great. We felt blessed to make a difference.

Two years we were given an old mobile home that members stripped…cut down to the frame…..and rebuilt the most wonderful “MARDI GRAS” PHloat. We participate in two local parades as well as a “Childrens “ parade. We take some of the kids that are part of our charities for this event and it is so fabulous to watch them share by throwing their candies/beads to other kids. They are really “Kings and Queens “ for that day. Our members love to show off their best “Parrothead “ outfits and show the locals how we “Party with a Purpose”.

We continue to support the American Red Cross as our area sees 1st hand how they support our community in times of need. We know they have to be ready to “Try to Reason with Hurricane Season” and local disasters like fires and floods. A TROPICAL TABLESCAPE ( including dishes, glasses, shell candelabra, napkins and flatware) was created by a club member for a fund raiser the Red Cross had at a local mall and it helped raise a small amount of the $14,000.00 that the local community gave.

The club began a “Scholarship Fund” 3 years ago. We ask teachers to nominate students for this award that have some interest in enviornmental and/or community service. We have enjoyed seeing what they become .We do $500.00 the first year and if that student chooses to go on with their education we give the same amount the next year.

We sent a “Gift Box” to a young Parrot Head awaiting a transplant at St.Judes. Bob H sent out a call that “TREVOR” loved Jimmy Buffett……favorite song Math Suks……and would like a t-shirt from all the Parrot Head clubs. We sent 3. Our “Club” shirt and 2 from our annual Trop Rock event . He did receive his transplant…..and we still think of his JB attitude.

Our Annual Trop Rock event is growing and helping us raise lots of money for another “Childrens Home” locally. The last 2 years our donations to them have exceeded $16,000.00. We feel this is also a gift to our local club to have all the Jimmy Buffett music and have around 8 groups that participate in our 3 day event. I really puts us in our “Tropical State of Mind” and our community is really seeing what we mean by “Party with a Purpose”. We love enjoying the music and style of the guy we admire the most... “Bubba”... we mean Mr Jimmy Buffett.

We began this year to recognize a Member of the Month from our group who has done outstanding things for the club and community. We want to show them how much they are appreciated by those who call on them for some of the weirdest opportunities to serve.

One of those is hosting a “Kids Day at our Zoo”. Basically members protect the animals from the kids.!! Some times during the 2 day event it becomes impossible to tell the Parrot Heads from the kids….except most are larger.

We sent a box of Parrot Head T-shirts to the troops in Iraq ………… remind them that they are loved… appreciated and to keep that “Tropical Spirit” alive until they can get back home.

One of our last checks was for a local “FREE” clinic that has been sponsored by a foundation started by a local Dr. All services are “No charge” and they also accept our donations of aspirin, Tylenol, Pepto and other generic items these people cannot even afford as well.

OUR WATCH isnt’ broken……… always just says NOW. There are so many needs…we have only begun……But we know we can help these PHolks to learn to “BREATHE IN……………BREATHE OUT ……….MOVE ON. As we finish this “Trip Around the Sun” we submit our entry for the “GOLDEN COCONUT AWARD” with humble(as a Parrot Head can be) hearts and ask for your consideration .

Snake’s # 1 Girl