Golden Coconut Winner - 2006

Dear Phellow Parrot Heads,

Our Board of Directors is proud to submit this nomination of our very active club for the coveted Golden Coconut Award. It is our hope that you will consider us as a worthwhile recipient and of the same caliber as the wonderful clubs who were previous Golden Coconut winners. Our focus is to realize that we are blessed with an abundant life and to return to our community and the environment in some small way the gifts that we share as we are fortunate to enjoy our club's camaraderie and enjoyment of Jimmy Buffett's music and the tropical lifestyle and ideals that his music personifies.

We are enjoying our tenth year of a "phantastic" relationship with our local Alzheimers Association chapter. We participate each year in the Memory Walk ($1000 this year). We have established a marquee event in a special partnership with the Alzheimers Association that continues to grow and becomes more exciting every year. This year was our ninth and we put on a great party. Picture this, an Oceanfront hotel ballroom transformed into a mid-winter's paradise for an evening filled with island and dance music, parrots, semi-formal tropical attire and lots of folks sharing all of the joys of being a Parrot Head with the community. The generosity of our sponsors, and our guests participating in live and silent auctions helped raise $29,034 that night.

Our other main charity we have been supporting for the last nine years has been the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. We formed a team of walkers and support people to participate as our way of honoring the nine cancer survivors who are members of our club and to cherish the memories of our loved ones who have fought the good fight. This is a four month long endeavor for our team as they have numerous events and conduct individual fundraising that culminates in the Relay for Life event itself. A key fundraiser is to participate in a community yard sale. This is a great way to make quick cash. The best part about this event is that it has a dual benefit; any wares not sold at the yard sale are donated directly to a local Children's Hospital. These events combined with all the other Relay related fundraisers netted a total of $6,892 this year. We were recently recognized by our local ACS representative for our years of participation in the Relay for Life and for topping the $100,000 mark in our support for them.

Each year we continue to grow our relationship and involvement with our local Food Bank. For the past six years during the weekend prior to Thanksgiving we all bundle up to participate in a food drive sponsored by a local radio station in the parking lot of a local mall. We have a large contingent of Parrot Heads man the donation line supplying volunteer power and encouragement to folks that are making donations. For the third consecutive year we have taken the relationship a step further by providing "Parrot Head" power to a Food Bank event called, The Taste of "OUR COMMUNITY." All of the big name chefs and restaurants in our community put on a celebrity cook off that is used as a Food Bank fundraiser. The club also has a collection for the Food Bank at each of our monthly club meetings and we donate non-perishable food valued at $1800 this year.

We sponsor several other charities throughout the year. We have supported the local SPCA and Humane Society for the past seven years helping keep our phurry and pheathered phriends taken care of each month with about 500 pounds of food each year. We are also in the third year of a great relationship working with "Bloody Mary" from the Red Cross and our annual blood drive collected 27 units for them. It is true what they say, "We don't want a bucket of blood..…" Because winter has become boring and we are in search of "Boat Drinks" we have gotten a little bit crazy. We decided that it is pretty cool, no pun intended, to jump in the ocean in February to raise money for Special Olympics in an event called the Polar Plunge. This year we raised $3415 while freezing our tail feathers off. This is also our third year working with the Special Olympics folks.

We started a new partnership this year with the local Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We support them by helping with the logistics in putting on a Half Marathon. We help out with the registration process the day before the race and we man a water table starting at 5 in the morning. (The wrong 5 o'clock somewhere!) At the water table, we help pass out water to over 17,000 runners participating in the event. Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not kind to our Parrot Head phriends in Gulf Coast area this past year. We put our hearts together and donated $3037 to the PHIN Fund Hurricane relief efforts.

To give back to the environment we have been participants for over five years in an "Adopt the Highway" program. Several times a year we go out and clean a two-mile stretch of highway. At the end of each clean up we hold a social for all the participants we have done breakfast and a dinner complete with a bonfire in the front yard of our club founders. Along the same lines, we started an event called "Pheathering the Nest." We have found the names of some folks that are experiencing extreme health problems and need some help with the sprucing up of their yards so we have a group of parrot heads descend on their yards and give them a make over.

A year wouldn't be complete without working with the Marine Corps Reserve and the folks from Toys for Tots. We never knew so many Marines are Parrot Heads. We love having the Marines come and hang out with us at our November and December club meetings. The stories that they convey to us of the joy of needy children receiving that toy they wanted from Santa on Christmas morning inspires us and this year a total of 135 toys valued at almost $800 were contributed.

Speaking of our military friends, the neatest and most important thing that we are doing right now is collecting items for “Goodies for Baghdad” care packages that are being sent to the brave men and women on duty in Afghanistan and Iraq protecting our freedom. We collect personal items, drink mix, CDs and DVDs and lots of Parrot Head and Corona related paraphernalia that is packed up and sent to service members that have ties to our club or our community. So far we have managed to send out over twenty-five packages. We are very thankful that we can bring some joy to the service women and men who are protecting our freedom.

WHEW ! ! ! What a year. With all that hard work, comes a whole lot of fun. We celebrated our ten year club birthday with a huge indoor pool party and full night of reminiscing of all of the great times over the years. We have been able to have lots of socials at our new roosting spot and we also have two Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurants to play in our area.

Public relations, public relations, oozing and schmoozing that's what we do. Public relations, such hullabaloo. We hope that we have managed to convince you that we are a very highly qualified choice for the Golden Coconut. Just to summarize our last twelve months over $48,194 dollars raised and 1990 volunteer hours.

We thank you for your time and for your consideration.