Golden Coconut Winner - 2003

Phellow Parrot Heads …

Please accept our humble submission of the documentation of our services to our community and environment from the past 12 months, in our quest for the coveted “Golden Coconut Award.” Our phlock promotes friendship, a tropical “laid-back” style of life, but more importantly, the newest slogan “Parrot Heads are Angels in Tropical Shirts.” We attempt to live up to this slogan by giving on a continuous basis to our environment and to anyone who crosses our path who could benefit from our assistance. Some of our charities remain the same each & every year, but we welcome the opportunity to serve others as our annual report reflects.

Our services are limited only by the needs it meets. This is sometimes a challenge for a club of less than 100 in membership and one that spans 7 decades in age.

We continue for the 5th year to keep our byways & highways clean & green on a quarterly basis, even in inclement weather! We think of our environment as we recycle the trash collected.

We host an annual food drive for our local Food Bank and a food & toy drive for the local Humane Society. This takes place each year for the entire month of March. We deliver these goods by the truckload. This too is in its 5th year.

We collected literally hundreds and hundreds of cards and participated in the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital card program.

We purchased yarn and provided socks for Operation Toasty Toes for our soldiers fighting to maintain our freedom.

We have an ongoing participation with the American Red Cross. Members donate blood and are tested for the possibility of becoming a Bone Marrow donor. Our very own “log book” is on hand at the Red Cross to assist in maintaining our records for member participation. We also welcomed their representative to participate in a designated “phlocking” to remind us of the need for blood donors. At the time of this submission, we are keeping our fingers crossed, as a member is at the 99% point of being compatible for donating bone marrow for a 29 year Old Leukemia patient in a location unknown to us. This is a one in a million chance they say. We are so hopeful & proud!

We stepped up and “Walked the Walk” … for both the local Down’s Syndrome Alliance and the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk. (Our canine keets participate as well) The tradition of participating in the Memory Walk continues as we are entering year #5. We had 21 members participated raising $1650.00.

A donation of all of our previously used cellular phones was made to the local Helpmate chapter. Our donation was valued at $700.

We had two events in which our parakeets participated ~ a “Jump Rope for Life” for the American Heart Association in which OUR parakeet was “The Best in the School,” for fund-raising and jumping! Also, a local school sponsored “Relay for Life” for the American Cancer Society. Our “Tropical Troubadours” again donated their time & talent. We are very proud of our “keets” efforts at such an early age.

We have a volunteer group who participates at a Local Women’s Shelter, preparing the afternoon meals. The club also purchases the food needed for these dinners.

We raise funds to honor a deceased charter member of our club by an annual “Memorial Fund” in the amount of $500. This past year this was presented to a local high school senior who was injured in an automobile accident following the 1st football scrimmage. He lost his leg and had extensive facial injuries, along with many other complications. In planning to present these funds in our Members Memory, we worked hand in hand with the local Fire Department to host a Benefit Concert & Barbecue for he & his family. (His father is a fire-fighter) … We raised another $900.00, bringing the total benefit to almost $6000.00. This was a huge success with 4 bands donating their time, lots of door prizes, and great food & fun! And, we made the LOCAL TV News because of our efforts ~ complete with a club member being interviewed.

We also continue our tradition at Christmas each year. During our annual Christmas phlocking, we bring NEW wrapped sweatshirts for all the adult residents at a local shelter. “SHOE BOXES” are created for the kids. These are taken to the shelter so that they receive NEW gifts on Christmas morning. In addition to this - we have a group (Adults & Parakeets) who give up their Christmas morning and arrive at the shelter at 5:00 AM to prepare a bountiful Christmas breakfast for all this in the shelter. They stay and socialize with these new found phriends as well. This too, made the LOCAL NEWSPAPER with an article & photo of 2 members!

We have gathered on several occasions at our local food bank for evenings of volunteer work, sorting food and boxing it for distribution. This too made a special segment on the LOCAL TV News, showing and interviewing our members, as well as clips from Jimmy’s shows. What a great way to promote our spirit & philosophy.

Through-out the year we collect all the UN-opened toiletries from our hotel stays as we travel around attending local, regional and national Parrot Head events, as well as the grand JB Concert. A member makes tropical themed cloth bags for these to be given to those checking in to the local shelter.

We also volunteer and work the “Empty Bowl Luncheon” to benefit our Local Food Bank in the fall of each year. We serve lunch and assist in the purchases of the donated homemade pottery.

Our grand finale this year was our sponsorship of our club leader in a spirited fundraising competition for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Man & Woman of the Year. We hosted a silent auction at our Annual Anniversary Party, conducted a Bowl-A-Thon, complete with tunes of our choice of Tropical Troubadours. (They DONATED Their time & talent) An event with a few Coral Reefers completed the fund-raising events as a entire week-end of The Peter Mayer Group & their music contributed to this effort. (Again - Local Newspaper coverage) We also assisted in the gathering of items for the Leukemia Society’s grand live auction. This event was in honor of two local pediatric oncology patients, who from our club leader, received the FIRST Jimmy Buffett books, Troubled Dolls and Jolly Mon! Our efforts were rewarded by winning this spirited competition. Donations are still coming in, even though the event is “officially over” and we are just shy of $10,000 of the total $15,000 that was raised among the seven in competition. The photo & title “Parrot Head” is now splashed across BillBoards in the local area, in half page Ads in the local paper and will even appear in USA Today!

We “phlock” every two weeks, regardless … and have a great attendance. We hold a raffle at each & every phlocking to contribute to our fund for charitable activities & donations. Our annual calendar is prepared in advance and is packed full of opportunities for members & guests to participate in something each & every month, with the majority of the months hosting multiple events from which to select.

We are proud of our members, adult & parakeet as well as our adopted Tropical Troubadours. They donate their time to assist us in our fund-raising. We have members who donate their time to assist in regional club events, as well as national, by creating logos, creating convention guides, working security, registration and attending planning meetings. All in the spirit of promoting Parrot Heads in Paradise!

For “phun” and the promotion of friendship & membership we participated in the regional annual Christmas parade, with our “Christmas in the Caribben” Tiki Hut Float (MORE TV coverage and a parakeet interview) and also hosted our 1st Parrot Head Softball Team in the Sunday hospitality league. We are heading into the tournament, winning our last five games. This team is complete with its own “Parrot Head” softball logo & team shirts! We won’t go into the injuries at this point. We are definitely growing older!!! The team consists of club members and “Buffett” music is played between innings! Our phun continues with three annual events ~ An Anniversary party in the spring, a Camp Out in the Fall and an Annual Overnight Christmas Phlocking! Speaking of membership, we did recruit 30 NEW members in the past 12 months, the time frame for which this report reflects!

We are small in numbers but speak loud in our efforts and in our belief of giving back to the environment and to those in our community who are in need of assistance, or simply a phriend. Our TV and Newspaper coverage has been outstanding as well this year! Previous reference is made to our “Tropical Troubadours of Choice” and that is because they too are members of our phlock and continue to provide us with new tunes to maintain our island spirit!

Thanks in advance for any consideration given to our phlock!