Golden Coconut Winner - 2002

Dear Parrot Heads:

Per your request the following is a list of most of the projects we have been involved with over the past 12 months. Our motto is "Let's Leave the World a Little Better Than We Found It & Have A Blast Doin It!" We try to limit our volunteer work to environmentally sensitive issues.

We have adopted a 3 miles stretch of the causeway between our two main counties -affectionately now called Parrot Head Island. We clean the beach side of each - or six miles 4 times a year. We average about 4.000 - 5,000 pounds of trash collected each time, Over the years we have collected over 100,00 pounds of trash from our beaches.

We volunteer thousands of total hours at our local 200 with the main emphasis on the manatee hospital there. We are involved in numerous events including, Summer Safari. WildLights, and more. We again won the "Volunteer Club of the Year" for the fourth time in the fast five years.

We funded to the tune of $1,000 our own Parrot Head Scholarship at the local university for the fourth year. This year we voted to increase the amount to $1,500 and begin an endowment. The monies go to the College of Marine Science, thus a student trying to understand and improve our environment will be the winner FYI - The first year we held the scholarship we had students write an essay on "Other than Barry Manilow music, what is the most threatening thing to our local environment over the next ten years.

Our Parrot Head Navy was involved in numerous events including, attending the boat ramps on the major holidays and handing out literature educating the weekend boater how to Spot and avoid manatees. We were the official spotter for the Onshore Powerboat races. We worked directly with the local marine institute to observe and prevent manatees, sea turtles and other wonderful creatures from being struck by the boats. We did spot a pod of 5 manatees as well as one sea turtle. Through our communications with the main base, our Navy spotter boats and helicopter above, they manatees were safe. Finally, we did an offshore reef cleanup and helped to pull trash from the bottom of the sea as well as did a clean up on a local island.

Over the years we have participated in the Mayor's Beautification program and helped to clean another island.

We donated $1,000 to the local aquarium to help save the sea turtle nests that were damaged by a freak storm.

We donated over $1,000 to a local environmental group through an annual; fund raising party we hold.

We raised ever $17,000 for the Save the Manatee Club through an annual fund-raiser we hold. This brought our five-year total to over $100,000. In addition, we do a lot of ongoing volunteer work for SMC to help bring awareness to their cause.

We co-sponsored and participated in the Recycle Regatta for the fourth year. This is where anyone can make a boat out of recycled materials and enter in a race. This brings local awareness to the need for recycling.

We co-sponsored our annual BeachFest. We set up a booth and bring awareness to the many projects we are involved in as well as promote our club of course.

We were a sponsor of the American Sand sculpting Championships and as above we set up a booth and brought awareness to the many projects we're involved in - as well as promote our club.

We donated $1,000 to Save Our Seabirds to help with the rehabilitation of our injured seabirds

We volunteered for the local public TV station to help raise monies for them.

We are involved when they have an environmental theme.

We collect canned goods and toys for kids and animals during Thanksgiving and Christmas and donate them to the local Children's Homes and animal shelters.

We raised over $1.500 for the victims of 9-11. We donated blood at our local Red Cross centers. We prayed together for the families of this tragedy.

We donated a couple over $1,500 to Keep (NAME OF OUR COUNTY) Beautiful" to use for their environmental causes. We have done this for many years. We have won their "Community Service Group of the Year" two times.

We promote through our Network Table at our meetings the volunteer work of others in our organizations - i.e. - March of Dimes, Breast Cancer & MS events.

In addition to the above, we have met and made friends with the greatest people in the world. We took trips to Key West and the Bahamas this past year. We promoted numerous parties and good times. It has certainly been a Lovely Cruse and we look forward to sailing to more ports of fun!

Thanks for your consideration'
Fins Up!