Definition of Area of Operations

Generally speaking, each PHiP sanctioned chapter will operate within a 50 mile radius of its declared Center Of Activity.


  1. In the common event that chapters overlap in Area Of Operations, it is expected that the clubs involved will resolve any territorial differences that may arise, using both common sense and common courtesy. Should said chapters be unable to reach an equitable agreement, the Board reserves the right to settle said dispute with a decision that is both binding and final.
  2. In the event of an existing operating agreement, entered into prior to May 1, 2004, said agreement shall be held valid and continue in effect under the proverbial "grandfather" clause.
  3. Any chapter may hold social functions at a Buffett-owned establishment, including, Margaritaville, Cheeseburger In Paradise, and Lulu's, provided that the "home" chapter be advised of same prior to the date of the function and, preferably, invited to attend said function, if it is to be an open event.
  4. No chapter may approach the management of any Buffett-owned establishment seeking sponsorship, donations, etc., except the "home" chapter.
  5. Parties, functions, fundraisers, events, etc. that are held in conjunction with JB concerts are exempt from territorial/boundary restrictions. While the Board recognizes that it cannot require clubs to collaborate on such efforts, it is our sincere hope that wisdom and common courtesy will prevail, petty differences will be put aside and, in the Spirit of the Great Heart, joint jubilation will abound.
    1. Parties, functions, fundraisers, events, etc. may be held by any sanctioned chapter in conjunction with Meeting of the Minds. Recognizing, however, sponsorship investment in sanctioned PHiP events, the Board cannot, in good conscience, recognize, support or promote any such functions held in direct conflict with any PHiP sanctioned MOTM event.
    2. Because it creates confusion and hardship on both the local merchants and the local Parrot Head Club, PHiP chapters may not approach any local retail establishment in the MOTM Host City for the purpose of soliciting donations, sponsorships, favors, handouts or charity before, during or after Meeting of the Minds. Exceptions to this policy are limited to: a)the local PHC and b) an authorized PHiP representative for MOTM purposes.
  6. Regional Phlockings may be held at virtually any destination, provided that the "home" chapter be given the opportunity to participate in the planning and staging of said event. A Regional Phlocking is hereby defined as a multi-day event, planned, organized, supported and staged by two or more sanctioned chapters. In this context, the term "regional" refers to a geographic area, as opposed to a PHiP established region. Accordingly, chapters banding together to plan, organize, support and stage a "Regional Phlocking" need not be domiciled in the same PHiP established "region."